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In-House Japanese Lesson

Japanese language and culture are very popular nowadays all over the world. Not only travellers to Japan but many other people wish to learn Japanese for understanding Japanese games, comics, culture, food and music.

We deliver professional Japanese lessons to such people in your office at your convenient time.

  • The tuition is available for one-to-one basis or a group.
  • Tuition is generally taught in English. However, if you wish to learn in Japanese, this is possible, as our qualified teachers are Japanese natives and well experienced. Your tuition is always flexible.
  • If you are planning to take the JLPT ( Japanese Language Proficiency Test ) for any level, we can provide an intensive course.


Free Consulting

Before starting your Japanese tuition, we will discuss your needs, course period, lesson hours, your current Japanese skill, any requests, interests in Japan and any textbook you wish to use. Then we design a tailor-made Japanese course design for you.

Please freely contact us first : info@otakudejapanese.com



A qualified and skilled native Japanese tutor with business experience will travel to your office or company at your convenient time arranged in advance. So you can save time of your travelling.

If you wish to have lesson at Cafe, please buy your drink.



Japanese tuition is on a one-to-one basis, or small groups of 2 up to 10 learners in one session.

If your company needs more than 10 learners in one session, please contact us. We are happy to organise the plan for your request.

Tuition rate

Private basis : Pay-as-you-go. Tuition fee is paid in cash to tutor directly when the lesson finishes.

Basic Rate

One to one £30 : 1 hour £54 : 2 hours £80 : 3 hours (1.5hrs x2 + break)

Two to one

£33 : 1 hour

( £16.5 Per Person)

£57 : 2 hours

( £28.5 Per Person)

£85 : 3 hours (1.5hrs x2 + break)

(£42.5 Per Person )

Small group (3 - 5)

£40 : 1 hour


£64 : 2 hours



£92: 3 hours (1.5hrs x2 + break)


Note: Textbook, travelling charge, parking expense and any other considerable expense are not included.


Lesson hours : 9: 30 a.m. - 5: 30 p.m.

Monday to Friday Except for National holiday, Bank holiday, Christmas holiday ( 24th December to 1st January)


Business training

Japanese business culture, manner, telephoning, phrases for business trips etc.

We provide you what you need to know, how to greet with bowing, etc in Japanese business scene.

Basic Rate

Company basis : We issue an invoice and payment should be made by the due date in the invoice.

Small group (3 - 5) £50 : 1 hour £100 : 2 hours £150 : 3 hours
Medium group (6 - 10 ) £70 : 1 hour £120 2 hours £170 : 3 hours

Note: Textbook, travelling charge, parking expense and any other considerable expense are not included.


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