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Japanese on-line course (group lessons) 2021

2hours x10 weeks    

          Starting date    Tuesday   12th January 2021  at 19:00

            Course fee     £145  
            Entry requirement : you can read and write Hiragana and Katakana

              Early beginner mixed level class 
              Use Google Meet         
              Resources are provided in PDF by email

If you are interested in this course, looking for private lessons, or any enquiries,
please contact to :  info@otakudejapanese.com


Are you thinking of learning the Japanese language?

Do you need to learn Japanese before you travel? Are you interested in Japanese games, Manga, food or culture?

Are you considering to take JLPT test?

"Yeah, I want to learn Japanese!!!"

We can provide you Japanese lessons, which are designed to fit your targets and needs, in your home, office or online, when it is convenient for you. You can study what you want, in your own space, saving you time from going to school or college. We also provide a Japanese language for business course, available for company training.

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Lessons are available for one to one to small group basis, with your colleagues or friends.

Do you need translation for short text between Japanese and English?

Do you want your name in Japanese characters?

We also provide a short text translation service.


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